About PalCare

Founded in 2003, PalCare is dedicated to improving the quality of life for residents of independent living, assisted living and memory care environments. Our resident-centric approach is grounded in our personal experiences with aging family members and our personal interactions with residents in the many communities we’ve served.

Listening intently to senior-living residents and our own parents and grandparents has driven us to develop products that promote the safety, security, comfort and dignity of older adults. Our approach has earned us a proven record of success in over 1,000 senior care communities.

It’s not just a job for us. It’s a passion.

Mission Statement

We strive to consistently provide our customers with the highest standard of quality products and services at competitive prices, maximize turnaround time, and ensure on-time deliveries, while improving the work environment for all of our employees. We can achieve high-end customer service by daily performing in the following ways.

Quality Cornerstones

  1. Passion for excellence
  2. Promise to keep our customers’ trust
  3. Anticipate and respond promptly
  4. Take ownership of issues
  5. Open, honest, warm and sincere
  6. Full of energy and motivate others
  7. Creative and open to ideas
  8. Pay attention to detail
  9. Act quickly and decisively; learn from our mistakes
  10. Have fun and celebrate our successes