What is a PalCare Demo?

A PalCare demo is a no-cost, no obligation opportunity to learn more about PalCare in the comfort of your own office.

At a scheduled time, a sales rep will arrive with a complete PalCare system. Our unique, server-based design makes it possible for you to experience a real, working system. Not a simulation, not a set presentation.

Erase concerns about the durability, weight, and functionality of PalCare devices by handling them yourself. Want to know how quickly a call is registered? Activate a device and watch the pager go off in seconds. Want to see an example of PalCare’s proactive reporting? We’ll pull up the report for the device you just used. You will leave a PalCare demo knowing exactly how the system functions, and how it can be customized to fit your needs.

During your demo, a sales rep will also perform a brief site survey to determine the best configuration of PalCare for your building. If appropriate at that time, a range test will be performed to determine the proper number of repeaters needed to run PalCare effectively.

Learn more about the PalCare wireless nurse call system here.

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