In addition to offering the easiest, most reliable wireless nurse call system, PalatiumCare also offers off-site monitoring. Using the same proven and tested equipment that makes up all PalatiumCare systems, PAL|ALERT makes it possible for residents to feel safe and secure even in facilities that don’t have 24-hour supervision.

Independent Living facilities are the first step for many seniors who only need assistance with a few small tasks. Though they cherish their independence, these residents also value their safety. That’s why many Independent Living residents choose to purchase their own personal emergency response systems.

Now you can offer your Independent Living residents a personal emergency response solution that integrates seamlessly with the needs of your other levels of care. While your Assisted Living or Skilled Care devices will alert your staff, your Independent Living devices will alert trained call center technicians, who can respond to emergencies appropriately. And even though you didn’t have to respond to the alert yourself, you have a record of the event to keep on file.

If your community only serves Independent Living residents, you can install PAL|ALERT to create a new form of revenue. Find out more by reading Earn More Revenue for Senior Living at the PalatiumCare Blog.

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