In a sea of news stories declaring the end of American businesses, one industry that seems to be moving steadily onward is senior housing. The economy may be uncertain, but aging is definite. And seniors are looking for value when they choose a home. Seniors are looking for comfort, amenities, entertainment, and, above all, peace of mind. To increase the feeling of security, and add value to your senior housing property, consider installing a PalatiumCare Emergency Response System (ERS) with off-site monitoring.

What image do you see when you hear the words, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”? If you’re like me, you see an older woman in a track suit, lying on the floor, reaching for the phone which is just inches away. The commercial ads for personal emergency response systems are often-ridiculed and iconic. You can be sure that seniors have that image in mind when they’re looking at moving into a retirement community, which is why so many seniors choose to purchase a personal emergency response system on their own dime.

The PalatiumCare ERS with off-site monitoring will give your residents the peace of mind they desire. ERS resident devices can be placed anywhere in the home or worn as a necklace or around the wrist like a watch. When a resident is in trouble, but can’t reach the phone, they can call for help with their ERS device. Their call is received by a UL-listed call center, and a trained emergency response technician will immediately contact your resident’s home. If the resident cannot answer, local emergency responders are dispatched promptly.

Residents can choose to add devices to their home at their own expense. Smoke detectors, door alarms and motion detectors are all available for individual purchase, giving residents the level of protection and monitoring they desire.

And the best part is that you can offer an emergency response system to your potential residents for a fraction of the cost of personal systems. PalatiumCare’s unique, server-based design eliminates the high cost of standard emergency call systems, and the monthly charge for monitoring is 70%-80% less per resident than they would spend on their own. Bill your residents $10 or $12 a month for emergency response monitoring (still 50% less than some systems!), and the PalatiumCare ERS will pay for itself. Before you know it, offering emergency response monitoring will be an added source of revenue for your property. Roll the cost of the monitoring into the resident’s monthly dues for easy payment. Residents will be happy to avoid the hassle of paying another bill, and they will be even happier knowing they’d be paying twice as much through an individual monitoring plan.

Adding PalatiumCare ERS with off-site monitoring will not only add value to your senior housing property, but it is also an opportunity to increase revenue.

To find out more about PalatiumCare ERS with off-site monitoring, contact a sales representative at 888-725-2848.