Cheryl Galloway is not one to shy away from a challenge. Just ask the staff at PalCare, her Sheboygan, Wisconsin based employer for the last four years. When the COVID pandemic hindered a required installation at a nursing home in Washington state, the customer service representative was quick to come to the rescue.

At that point in time, a two-week quarantine would have been required for the technicians to travel there. A coworker of Ms. Galloway’s knew of her “can do” attitude and suggested they contact her, since she was already working for the company just outside Seattle.

As an employee of PalCare, she understood the company’s commitment to improving the lives of senior care residents and the gratification that comes from a job well done. A leader in senior living call systems, PalCare designs, consults, installs and maintains their hardware and software technology.

Ms. Galloway’s mission was to set up the entire wireless nursing call system. Undaunted, she methodically set out installing the servers, transmitter and network coordinator to the internet. Next, she set up the emergency call devices in the public restrooms and in every apartment’s bathrooms and bedrooms, making sure to test each of them with a pager. Considering that most senior care facilities house between 80-150 apartments, this was no small accomplishment.

Ms. Galloway admits that she didn’t “fly the plane” solo. Technician Don Benitez talked her through the nine day install. “It’s easy to collaborate with someone who is a quick learner, manages time well and gives 110%,” noted Mr. Benitez.

Since completing this first job, she’s worked on a few more installations. The most challenging was her second one in Minnesota. Out of order elevators did not hinder the promised completion date. Ms. Galloway, and the technician she was working with, simply ran up and down the four flights of stairs.

At an age when others are planning to retire, Ms. Galloway says this unexpected outcome during a pandemic has made her reconsider her options. “The confidence that the PalCare team had in me was a reminder of how important it is to embrace something out of your comfort zone and have faith in yourself”, she says. Inspired to keep learning new things, she’s taken up paddle boarding. Who knows? An expanded role in part-time installations might be in her future.

Written byLinda A. Thornton