PalCare’s expert consultants help with new construction and upgrade/retrofit projects to improve safety and performance at existing facilities. We align our work plan with your existing infrastructure to ensure efficiency and compliance with fire and building codes specific to your campus.

  • 100% of system manufacturing, design, installation, and support handled by PalCare team
  • Adherence to building codes, fire safety regulations, and any other legal considerations
  • Integration with existing systems for a smooth transition
  • Customization to fit the unique needs of your community

Beyond the Platform

PalCare’s partnered communities receive more than just a technology platform: they receive support from an organization that truly understands their business and day-to-day operations. From coordinating with community administrators to helping established businesses create efficiency, our team is ready to help create better outcomes for all residents and staff. We provide:

  • Consulting & Remediation Services
  • Reliable and Proven Technology
  • Expert Installers
  • Proactive and 24/7 Support

See Our Solutions In Action

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