PalatiumCare has announced the release of two improved resident devices and a new resident device for use with the PalatiumCare wireless nurse call system.
The improved Magnetic Pullcord and Call Station with Reset have new, slimmer designs, attractive rounded tops, and prominently displayed PalatiumCare logos.

The call station’s new “RESET” button is flush with the front of the device. Caregivers can still quickly and easily clear alarms when they arrive to assist, but the devices are more durable and easier to clean.

PalatiumCare is also pleased to announce its newest resident device, the Alert with Acknowledge Button. The bold design makes it clear that the device should be used in an emergency. Ideal for common areas, the Alert with Acknowledge will activate quickly with just a touch. Staff may clear the alarm by pressing “ACKNOWLEDGE” when they arrive to assist.

Changing batteries just got easier

All three devices feature a new, click-on base and back plate, which make changing batteries much easier. Lift directly up on the case, and pull away from the back plate to replace a battery or investigate a tamper alert. (Pulling down, pulling away from the wall, and pushing motions normally associated with activating a pull cord, call station, or alert button will not dislodge the device.)

The new click-on base also allows for devices to be quickly mounted during installation. Should a resident want to change the layout of his or her room, simply remove the device by lifting up on the case. Mount the back plate in the new location, and click the case back in place.

New devices will be available to all customers starting in May 2012. To find out more about these, or any of the PalatiumCare Wireless Nurse Call resident devices, contact a PalatiumCare representative at 888-725-2848.