The PalPortal Platform

Cross-reference your community’s response times and other key metrics against each other

Real-Time Community Data at Your Fingertips

Our PalPortal platform gives corporate decision makers insights into real-time, interactive data about their communities, staff, and residents including:

  • Average call response time
  • Average service time
  • Alarms by time of day
  • Total residents served
  • Total number of communities
  • And much more…

Make Informed Business Decisions with Real-Time Data

PalPortal allows you to compare and contrast multiple communities simultaneously.

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    Real-time, interactive data
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    Unified reporting & centralized data management
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    Identify staffing inefficiencies across communities
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    Identify residents with inaccurate care plan levels
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    Automatically export & distribute quarterly reports
PalPortal Case Study

Understand Everything Happening Inside Your Community with PalPortal

"The power of information provided from PalPortal removes subjectivity from conversations we find ourselves having and decisions we make on a regular basis. We can drill down to hours and minutes required for care for one resident and compare this to other residents at the same care level and have made adjustments to care rates because of these comparisons. Historically, these conversations may have been difficult to have with family members, but now, because we have the data to support our recommendations, we find these conversations to be much more streamlined and allow for our residents to receive the proper level of care faster than they may have in the past."

- Britta Edwards, RN, JCI Senior House

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