Notify – Powered by PalCare

PalCare is proud to offer the NOTIFY Nurse Call app, a next generation mobile nurse call application that allows your caregivers to receive and respond to alerts from wherever they are in the building. Give your staff the tools they need to provide optimal care—and give your senior community the real-time data needed to staff appropriately, assess performance and improve accountability. Utilizing world-renowned, non-proprietary Inovonics technology and PalCare certified hardware, NOTIFY is a complete wireless alert system solution that provides real-time communication across the full spectrum of your operation. With full installation and support services from your team at PalCare, you can adopt leading technology and improve operations with little disruption.


Streamline Operations, Reduce Costs and More

Unlike the traditional emergency call systems assisted living facilities once used, Notify provides real-time data, extensive communication tools and accountability in one small package. Our next-generation software offers a host of unique features and benefits to enhance security, streamline processes and reduce costs, including:

  • Premier installation & support from PalCare
  • Audible mobile medical alerts—even when the device is locked
  • Private and group text messaging
  • Available push-to-talk voice functionality
  • Robust reporting and cloud backup
  • Status reports of alerts within each caregiver’s zone
  • Real-time performance data on individuals, departments and facilities

Notify is the most tested, most feature rich and most reliable App in the Senior Living Industry and works seamlessly with PalCare. Whether you are in skilled nursing, assisted living or independent living facility Notify provides unparalleled performance and options. Notify delivers interactive nurse call, secure messaging and voice communication over your standard WiFi network. With easy to use mobile interface your adoption will be quick and easy. Our support staff will respond to any issues related to setup or operation issues.