Senior Housing Security & Access Control

senior living security & access controlSenior Housing Communities have extra requirements for security and access control systems that don’t exist for most businesses. Not only are we trying to keep unauthorized people out of our facilities and secure areas, there can also be a requirement that we keep our residents safely inside our facilities. Focusing your search for solutions designed specifically for Senior Housing will help your community deploy a solution that actually works with your life safety plan.

The two most common types of controllers for security and access control are:

Access Control – Card based systems, where the right badge is required in order to pass.

Intrusion Control – Keypad based systems, with the right code a user is allowed to pass through a door.

Key Features Include:

With PalCare controls, the full controller is present at each door control, minimizing the amount of wiring that a facility needs to coordinate a central system. Alerts are transmitted over a wireless spectrum, enabling full communication and reporting of issues and events that occur. PalCare is designing for the future to allow communities to plug and play upgrade as needed between keypads and card readers. Key features of PalCare controllers include: Prop door, force door, a sounder, a built in transmitter, auxiliary inputs to coordinate mag lock alarms, emergency exit buttons and more.

Door monitoring, alerts and lockdown requirements are established based on the requirements of your life safety plan. PalCare looks from the outside of your building to the inside, different doors have different purposes and use. The access control requirements for egress doors are different than the requirements for memory care doors, where residents need to be kept in designated areas for their own safety. Granular control of alarms and alerts are possible with our solutions. If you have a door to a central courtyard, it can safely open at 2pm. At the same time, you may want to issue an alert if that door were to be opened at 2am. PalCare goes beyond just the life safety plan to ensure that the logic and alerts in use provide real insight to your caregiving staff and feeds into our nurse call system.

How to get started:

PalCare’s expert implementation services helps ensure that your senior living technology solutions work in concert together to provide an optimal outcome. The right Security & Access Control platform forms a strong basis for a robust wander management solution.