Wander Management for Senior Housing

PalCare’s Wander Management solution enables a comprehensive approach to managing to senior living residents and the occasional tendency to wander to unsafe areas. The desire for most senior housing communities is to provide a strong community for residents with ample opportunity for walking outside on the grounds and enjoying the great care that has been taken in developing the environment of the community. At the same time, occasionally, steps must be taken to help prevent some residents from wandering away and off-premise.

Wander Management Tags enable doors to track residents that may be near a door, or passing through a doorway. If that resident shouldn’t be trying to pass through, an alert is sent to the appropriate staff using the nurse call platform. Our wander systems help avoid “tailgating” scenarios, where a resident may attempt to follow an authorized user through a prohibited entry point. With integrated logging into nurse call, family careplan meetings become easier to work through with fact-based event logging that can be reviewed with family members for additional support for the resident.

PalCare provides expert end-to-end solutions including ongoing support. When talking about access control and wander management, it’s imperative that you have a partner that clearly understands your environment and specific needs.

Reliable Technology & Expert Installers

PalCare uses proven and tested Wander Guard technology. Battery backup ensures that your PalCare system keeps working even in an emergency. Dependable 24/7 monitoring will let you know right away if your system needs attention.

PalCare’s leadership in senior living call systems just got stronger with our certification to UL-2560 standards.  We are dedicated to providing safer and more secure environments for senior residents.  Highlights of UL-2560 include:

  • Rigorous testing to ensure strong two-way communication between stations and ensures alarms get through every time.
  • Extensive endurance and stress testing, from drop tests to continuous-usage tests, ensures we meet the standards for quality and reliability.
  • Circuit board level electronics testing, combined with industry-recognized fire-rating requirements, keeps our product safe to use time and time again.
  • Strict adherence to requirements, including system power backup, audibility, device supervision and more.