PalCare’s senior care systems provide security beyond industry standards with comprehensive access and intrusion control. Keep your community secure down to every doorway and the building perimeter with wireless communication and reporting to minimize wiring. As needs change, our system adapts to provide optimal support for your community.

  • Both card-based and keypad-based systems
  • Integration with multiple security and access control systems
  • Both silent and audible alarms for caregivers
  • Customization to fit the unique needs of your community

Proven Technology with 24/7 Support

  • Tried and tested Inovonics® technology with battery backup to ensure your PalCare system keeps working even in an emergency.
  • UL-2560 safety standards certification for creating safer, more secure environments for senior residents
  • Rigorous testing to ensure strong two-way communication between stations and ensures alarms get through every time.
  • Extensive endurance and stress testing, from drop tests to continuous-usage tests, ensures we meet the standards for quality and reliability.
  • Circuit board-level electronics testing, combined with industry-recognized fire-rating requirements, keeps our product safe to use time and time again.
  • Strict adherence to requirements, including system power backup, audibility, device supervision, and more.

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Staff and caregivers provide comprehensive responses


Manage residents and tendency to wander with discrete tags and enhanced alerts from doors


Emercency alert monitoring solution for managing calls