Why choose PalCare versus other systems on the market?

We designed the system, we manufactured the system, we installed the system & we support the system when needed. Our fully dedicated Customer Experience team is at your community’s disposal.

Does PalCare have a Mobile App?

Yes, it is called PalCare Mobile and can be found in the App Store and Google Play Store. The cost to utilize this is included in your annual service plan. For assistance configuring, please contact our customer experience team at support@palcare.com.

Does PalCare offer reporting?

Absolutely, we can use your data to tailor and improve key metrics. Beyond our internal dashboards, we can push your data to the necessary repositories for your visualization and consumption. You also have our Customer Experience team available to fine-tune key metrics. We have seen up to a 50% reduction in response time by working with our team to review data.

Who will be responsible for the maintenance of the system?

PalCare offers pushed reporting on devices that have low battery, system alerts, and any devices to flag. Your team will need to decide whom you intend to take on the maintenance role to change batteries, etc., but we’re here to support you.

Do you provide staff training?

Yes, staff are provided with training when the system is implemented. We also offer a further round of training once management staff have become familiar with the basics and are ready to learn about advanced features.

Does PalCare offer Wander Management and Access Control solutions?

Yes, we offer both solutions. Please reach out to us to see our solutions in action. You can reach us at sales@palcare.com

Does PalCare have locating?

Yes. PalCare systems are capable of pointing your caregivers in the right direction when a resident presses their wireless pendant. Advanced Locating, which can locate a resident pendant within 2-3 rooms, is also available as a system addition.

Do you provide support after the system is installed?

Yes, support is included in your service plan. Our customer experience team can be reached at 920-694-0085 between 8AM -5PM CST M-F. We also have after-hours emergency support should you need to utilize this.

How long do batteries last in the pagers and nurse call devices?

For users with typical pager activity, pager batteries can last 2-3 weeks. Each pager has a battery monitor, so you know when batteries need to be changed.

Nurse call device batteries last 2-3 years. PalCare monitors all devices and will notify you when a battery is getting low.

What if the power goes out?

We will connect the system to your building’s backup power supply (most often a generator). Beyond that, all PalCare devices have a battery backup, and a typical system will still function for 2-4 hours with no power.

How long does PalCare save reports? Will I be able to access information from several years ago?

Yes, all information recorded by your PalCare server is saved indefinitely. You can access current and previous resident information at any time.

What if my server is damaged? Will I be able to access that information?

Yes, off-site information backup is available in your annual service plan should your server be damaged.

Will I have to buy more devices when there is resident turnover?

No, all devices can be reassigned to another resident or location. The PalCare Wizard walks you through this process, so administrators can easily re-assign devices without seeking technical support. The Wizard will also prevent any devices from being assigned to more than one resident or location at a time.

If a resident activates an alert, are all caregivers notified?

We will work closely with you to establish exactly how you want your PalCare nurse call system to function to fit your community’s needs. Alert notifications can be deployed to all staff or organized in an escalation pattern.