Frequently Asked Questions

Does PalCare have an App?2021-04-22T09:36:53-05:00

Yes, it is called PalCare Mobile and can be found on the App Store. The cost of PalCare Mobile is included in the annual Service+ Plan.

Why does PalatiumCare cost less than other nurse call systems?2019-01-02T16:21:04-06:00

The simple answer is that PalatiumCare is committed to keeping our nurse call system affordable. There are several reasons we are able to do this.

  1. Our server-based design eliminates the cost of a central monitoring station(s)
  2. Wireless installation is quicker and easier than hard-wired installation
  3. Partnerships with dealers and technicians across the country keep our costs low, and we pass the savings on to our customers
Does PalatiumCare have locating?2018-02-21T13:01:24-06:00

Yes. PalatiumCare systems are capable of pointing your caregivers in the right direction when a resident presses their wireless pendant.

We also know that many locations prefer to use only fixed-location devices, which pinpoint a call’s origin with much greater accuracy. Others choose not to use locating because their caregivers are already familiar with resident routines, and locating is just unnecessary. We encourage each community to decide for itself if locating is the best option.

Advanced Locating, which can locate a resident pendant to within 2-3 rooms is also available as a system addition.

How long do batteries last in the pagers and nurse call devices?2017-07-18T11:33:07-05:00

For users with typical pager activity, pager batteries can last 2-3 weeks. Each pager has a battery monitor, so you know when batteries need to be changed. If frequent use is draining your pager power quickly, we recommend using rechargeable AA batteries.

Nurse call device batteries last 2-3 years. PalatiumCare monitors all devices and will notify you when a battery is getting low. Batteries are kept in stock at our home office, though many users find it easier to purchase them through a local vendor.

If PalatiumCare is wireless, does that mean anyone on the internet has access to resident information?2017-07-18T11:33:52-05:00

No. Patient information is not available on the internet or to unauthorized WiFi users.

PalatiumCare works on your existing network, so PCs with access to your network will be able to access PalatiumCare. You control who is allowed to login as a caregiver or administrator.

What if the power goes out?2017-07-18T11:34:41-05:00

We will connect the system to your building’s back up power supply (most often a generator). Beyond that, all PalatiumCare devices have a battery back-up. An average system will still function for 2-4 hours with no power.

How long does PalatiumCare save reports? Will I be able to access information from several years ago?2017-07-18T11:35:33-05:00

All information recorded by your PalatiumCare server is saved indefinitely. You can access current and previous resident information at any time.

What if my server is damaged? Will I be able to access that information?2017-07-18T11:36:14-05:00

Off-site information back-up is available as part of our Extended Maintenance Plan.

Does the server ever get too full to hold more information? Will I have to replace it?2017-07-18T11:36:57-05:00

No. The most used systems (averaging one call per minute, all day, every day) can still run for decades without running out of memory.

Will I have to buy more devices when a resident moves out and another resident moves in?2017-07-18T11:37:39-05:00

No. All devices can be re-assigned to another resident or location. The PalatiumCare Wizard walks you through this process so administrators can easily re-assign devices without seeking technical support. The Wizard will also prevent any devices from being assigned to more than one resident or location at a time.

If a resident activates an alert, are all caregivers notified?2017-07-18T11:38:25-05:00

We will work closely with you to establish exactly how you want your PalatiumCare nurse call system to function for your community. If you want all alerts to notify all staff, we can do that. We can also set up an escalation in which one caregiver is notified first, then additional caregivers, then an e-mail or text is sent to an administrator. Your PalatiumCare system will be customized to your needs, and the parameters can be adjusted at any time.

Do I have to configure the system by myself?2017-07-18T11:39:07-05:00

No. We will configure your PalatiumCare system prior to installation. The easy-to-use Wizard will guide you in the future as you need to move residents in and out. Training videos and technical support are always available if you need help.

Am I responsible for training my staff?2017-07-18T11:39:51-05:00

PalatiumCare is very user-friendly. Upon installation, we will train staff members to handle pagers and clear devices. We will also sit down with the administration to walk through the PalatiumCare Wizard and Reports. Additional training can be done over the phone.

What if my system doesn’t work?2017-07-18T11:40:37-05:00

Purchase of a PalatiumCare system includes a 1-year warranty on parts. You will also have the support of the PalatiumCare team, which is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

PalatiumCare is constantly monitoring itself for issues that may interrupt service. If such a problem arises, the system automatically notifies you and our team. Often, we are calling with possible solutions before you even know a problem exists.

For additional technical support, call 888-725-2848.