PalCare Real Life Response to Senior Living Crisis Situations

The heart of our customer service is careful situational assessment and extraordinarily customized fast response.

Senior Living Crisis ResponseFew people outside of Senior Living Community management can fully understand and appreciate the operational impact of a failure in the life safety systems put in place that protect residents.

When these things happen, all resources focus on the reduction or elimination of imminent resident risk before anything else, until the failure or emergency is overcome. During these times normal daily routines are totally disrupted.

As a result, the impact of competent response time is enormous. There’s the impact of failure, and there’s impact of response time and they combine to form how long the crisis lasts.

PalCare understands.

We are an industry-leader in Emergency Call Systems, Nurse Call, Access Control and Wander Management Systems for Senior Living communities.

To keep Residents safe, we take Pride in Delivering RELIABLE SOLUTIONS WITH EXCELLENT SUPPORT

We use only proven and tested InovonicsĀ® technology with battery backup that ensures that your PalCare system keeps working even in an emergency. We provide dependable 24/7 system supervision that will notify you right away if your system needs attention.

Our process includes a complete end-to-end approach to designing and implementing senior living technologies into your community. We provide a full range of hardware and software, alongside the consulting, installation, and training expertise that will ensure successful outcomes for your community.

Here Are A Few Real-Life Crisis Response Examples:

Rather than simply saying we deliver responsive, intelligent service we thought we would share real life examples. The below information chronicles three recent system failure service events that created big problems for these senior living communities that were promptly alleviated by PalCare technicians.