Rapid replacement of old nursecall technology and system

Customer:  A Central Wisconsin Assisted Living Community

Customer Situation: During a snowstorm, at 5 pm on October 30, 2019, our customer’s nurse call system failed and they were in desperate need to get it replaced to keep their assisted living residents safe.   They alerted PalCare.

Impact of the Situation:  Without the nurse call system, our customer had to bring in extra staff overnight to monitor doors and do 15-minute resident room checks around the clock.

PalCare Solution: Knowing the situation, that evening the PalCare production team worked to put together the order. The next morning the assembly team, including Joe, who leads the PalCare technical department, gathered everything.  Joe and Brian, another tech, then made the drive to central Wisconsin in the midst of a winter snow storm. They arrived that early afternoon.

By 6 pm they had disabled the old system, installed the new system and it was fully functional. To take advantage of their time onsite, while we were there, they helped out with a few other unexpected adjustments. They also did some adjustments to a door security system that was in place.

Customer Result of PalCare Service:

Our central Wisconsin customer was particularly pleased with PalCare because the service that we provided we guaranteed ahead of time.  We did complete the work successfully on time and on budget.   We were told by our customer that other Palcare competitors would not provide any such guarantees.

In the end, during a snowstorm, PalCare was contacted at 5 pm on October 30th, 2019.   By five pm on the October 31st,  PalCare had replaced the failed system and they were fully functional. We had configured and installed the new system in less than 24 hours.