Rapid response to Senior Community building damage and nursecall system

Customer: A Northern Minnesota Senior Living Community

Customer Situation:  Mid-day on a Saturday, April 18th, 2020, our customer had a car drive into the memory care portion of their building.

Impact of the Situation: The impact of the accident left a big opening in the wall of the of the Memory Care Building.  As a result, several residents did not have a place to live.   Residents were also without protection in memory care.   Many residents were exposed to safety issues.

Fortunately, our customer had some available rooms in the assisted living side of the community and took their memory care residents and accommodated them there. The immediate problem was they still were missing access control and wander management protection. Without that, there was risk of elopement.   Our customer certainly wanted to prevent residents from going outdoors or into areas they didn’t belong.

PalCare Solution: That same Saturday, PalCare was contacted. PalCare tech, Tom, who was at home at the time, went into the office and put together all of the necessary information and quotes and worked with our inventory  team. On Monday morning, April 20th, PalCare tech, Ben, who had been there for the original install was on the road to northern Minnesota. Seven doors had been impacted.  Our customer was security functional by Wednesday morning.

Customer Result of PalCare Service:  Our customer was very pleased with our timely response and repair of the impacted doors ensuring the safety of their memory care residents.