Introducing Voice-to-Voice Communication

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Zello: The Most Reliable Push-to-Talk Platform

Zello is the industry-leading walkie-talkie platform that allows you to break free from radio and dispatch within your communities and communicate intelligently. With native integration into the PalCare mobile app, the best-in-class technology ensures that team members can communicate instantly.

  • Industry-Leading Technology
  • Immediate Voice-to-Voice Communication
  • No More Additional Hardware
  • Easy-to-Learn Interface

8 billion live voice messages delivered monthly by Zello to companies like:

Empower Caregivers with PalMobile’s Walkie Talkie Communication

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    Reduce Caregiver
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    Deliver Better
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    More Efficiently

In partnership with Zello, PalMobile now offers breakthrough voice-to-voice communication. This new technology is integrated with our best-in-class app, meaning caregivers can now carry around less devices and be more efficient. Unlike other systems, our voice-to-voice plays in real-time, which cuts down on communication time and allows caregivers to respond quickly and deliver the best care possible to residents.

Increase Caregiver Efficiency with Our
Easy-to-Use App

“Having such an intuitive, easy to use app with great features has made responding to resident calls quick and efficient for our staff.”

- Garrett Haner, Executive Director, Ada’s Lodges and Annette’s Lodges.

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